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Air Conditioning and Heating are next to required in a business setting. Having a mishap with the AC could prohibit the work of an entire office. Businesses in the housing industry (motel, hotel, etc.) have to be especially careful when figuring out how to install and maintain air conditioning and heating. We work with businesses to ensure that they are getting reliable systems that they can afford, and we guarantee a clean, complete installation that is less prone to issues. We put a lot of emphasis on quality work for an affordable price.


Keeping your air conditioning and heating equipment running well is just as important as making sure the installation goes well. The equipment is big and can be very expensive, so the better kept it is, the better. We guarantee quick response to emergent issues with your system as well as a Service Agreement to help you keep your equipment in tip-top shape.

Service Agreements

Liberty Controls shows its competitive side when it comes to commercial jobs. That's why we offer personalized Service Agreements. Our Service Agreement provides regular maintenance of your HVAC equipment, insuring your equipment is well prepared for exreme weather conditions. Our objective is to provide the best possible service for you and your equipment. It is all part of our effort to provide simple, worry-free comfort all year long.


There are no hidden charges. You pay the same price each year you renew your contract.


We realize that your comfort equipment is a major part of your investment in your home or business. We will protect your investment through periodic inspection, lubricating, adjusting, and cleaning your heating and air conditioning systems. We spot potential problems before they cause trouble.


A system that is properly maintained performs better and lasts longer. You recover your initial investment and also gain extra years that add to the resale value of your home.


A system that is kept in peak condition operates more reliably and more efficiently. The value of the energy saved will in some cases exceed the cost of the scheduled inspection and fine tuning.

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Whether building a new home, or replacing old units, Liberty Controls is the company you want installing your HVAC system. We strive to take care of our customers first and foremost. This means affordable prices, best quality work, and the chance to make a relationship with the best HVAC guys in town. We make sure that the process of buying and installing any system is as comfortable as possible.


Along with our personalized Service Agreements which provide a preventative system to for your HVAC equipment to spot potential issues beforehand and help keep emergency situations


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